If what you want is to invest in Colombia at Invest Latam we show you the best options to take into account , so you can make a decision that allows you to evaluate the best financial instrument depending on the deadlines and objectives that you set for yourself.

Investment funds 

They consist of gathering funds from different investors to invest them in different assets, which can be stocks or bonds, among others.

There are different investment funds that we can access, according to our profile as investors (conservative, moderate, risky) and the profitability we want to obtain.

This modality is a good option for small investors , because in some cases it allows you to make investments from an amount of COP $ 10,000. However, you must take into account that they are variable income securities, that is, that shares can go up or down in price over time.

A good example of these financial instruments are the collective investment funds or FIC as they are known in the market, they have returns close to 10% per year being the most profitable, Fiduciaria Bancolombia, Credicorp Capital and Fiduciaria Bogotá, with profits of 9.54 %, 9.11% and 9.08% specifically as of October 2019.


This investment method is characterized by being very volatile in terms of its profitability, although there are some myths about investing in stocks, it is believed that the stock market is for wealthy people with large capital, but there are low-amount investments that also make up an important part of the stock market.

According to a report by Davivienda Corredores in the first quarter of 2019, the Colombian stock market is the one with the highest performance worldwide , there were two sectors that showed an outstanding increase, oil and gas, which registered a growth of 21.4% while that the financial one stands out with 19.2% in March 2019.

This year 2019, the shares of the issuers belonging to the Stock Market Capitalization Index (Colcap) had a dividend return rate of 3.59% , where investors obtained returns higher than 19.4%, one of the issuers with the highest performance was Ecopetrol with a positive variation of 75% with respect to the previous year.

Fixed rate with CDT

A term certificate of deposit or CDT is a way to save for a certain term and with which you can generate profitability at a fixed interest rate. With the CDT you can have the money invested once the indicated term ends.

We must bear in mind that the longer the term of the CDT, the higher the profitability will be. For the year 2019 the most profitable are the following:

  • 90-day CDT Banco Serfinansa SA (5.45%) and Financiera Juriscoop CF (5.56%).
  • 120-day CDTs are Banco W SA (5.71%) and Financiera Juriscoop CF (5.97%).
  • 180-day CDTs are Oicolombia (6.00%) and Financiera Juriscoop CF (6.46%).
  • CDT at 360 days are Oicolombia (6.75%) and Coofinep Cooperativa Financiera (6.84%).

It is important to highlight that inflation influences the profitability of the CDT. An example of this would be:

If we obtain a CDT for a term of one year with a fixed rate of 4%, for a deposit of COP $ 1,000,000 and annual inflation is 3%, we would have a total return of 1%.

living place

One of the investment options in Colombia is to buy property directly for rent.

According to the Federation of Real Estate Exchanges (Fedelonjas), for the month of January 2019 the cities where the rental cost grew the most were Popayán (0.52%) followed by Medellín (0.51%), Florencia (0, 42%), Barranquilla (0.38%), Cúcuta (0.32%) and Armenia (0.31%).

This increase represents the good moment of used housing as an investment , there are about 5 million Colombians who live in rent, strata 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the ones that generate the highest profitability, because they are the most sought after in rent.


Fintech companies are companies that are responsible for providing financial services through online platforms , they are becoming more and more important because every day more investors decide to use this type of instrument, such is the case of Invest Latam which is a company that connects investors with companies that need credit and these obtain a return on investment of more than 16% per year.

At Invest Latam you will find small and medium-sized companies from different economic sectors where you can invest with greater security, since the companies offer a Co-debtor to back the debt and sign a promissory note in the name of the investor. In addition, they are being verified by a qualified staff, who is in charge of reviewing all financial information, such as: their financial accounts, legal status, the credit history of their partners, tax records, among others. All the companies that are on the platform have payment capacity.

Invest Latam is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. They do not raise massive money.

To obtain a financial benefit you have to take advantage of the opportunity that Colombia offers you to invest in its economic sectors that are constantly growing, we invite you to be part of the Invest Latam investment community.

Enter the 100% online platform and start investing now in the economic sector of your choice.


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