Currently there are infinities of projects in Colombia where you can invest, as long as you analyze each opportunity and take advantage of trends to significantly expand your profit margin. Every investor seeks to diversify to generate an additional return that makes him earn much more money and therefore, taking advantage of trends can be very effective since it is where both companies and investors are focusing.

Now, at Invest Latam we want to keep you up to date with the best financial education tips and advice and that is why, below, we are going to explain where market opportunities come from, as a result of trends, within a globalized context as business is today. When a market experiences a well-sustained upward movement, it is called a trend, it can refer to individual assets , sectors or even interest rates.

 For example, in the cryptocurrency market , on December 17, 2017, Bitcoin reached its highest point in its years of history, reaching over USD 20,000 . Becoming the trend with the most impact on the market on that date, where investors and entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunities of its great rise.

At that time, Bitcoin completed an important investment cycle, with a rise that began in April 2017, when its price was $ 1,700 . However, 2018 was a year of decline , and despite the fact that the price remained during the year after exactly 365 days, the fall in the price represented was -84%.

Thanks to the increase in its value, there were numerous totally profitable business opportunities for some entrepreneurs who managed to acquire said cryptocurrency when its price was below USD 10,000 .

The importance of studying trends is preparing to take advantage of the opportunities and face the threats that the new scenario brings, if an investor ignores them, they could compromise their money.

Global trends are useful, but you must contextualize them to your geographic scope or sector of activity , understand the forces that drive them and their possible consequences for the market. This includes answering questions such as: Why is a certain trend emerging? What consumer needs does it satisfy? What are other companies doing about it? What new consumer expectations might emerge?

Knowing the trends generates great investment opportunities , the direct advantage of this activity is the financial freedom that can be obtained. To venture into investments, it is essential to know how the market is growing, what is leading it to decline and what is the item that is currently being most in demand to get the most out of the investment and the trend that is rising.

One of the global trends today is telecommunications technologies in the daily lives of consumers and it is undeniable that it is on the rise. Electronic devices are being optimized more and more and with the arrival of 5G technology there are many new businesses that will appear.

The Colombian government is carrying out strategies and agreements in conjunction with telecommunications companies with the main objective of connecting 43% of Colombians who still do not receive broadband service.

For this reason, people will demand more platforms that focus on virtual meetings, online dating, education, social networks and online games. It is a perfect opportunity to invest in this area of ​​the market as it is growing more and more.

The best of all is that at Invest Latam you can invest in companies of this category and more items belonging to current market trends. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your money work for you.

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