Improve your returns with Fintech

Investment formula

Before investing, you have to observe 3 guidelines: a. Set a  goal b. Diversify  risk c. Control  expenses How much do you want to earn? What risk can you take and for how long? The investor must have an answer to those questions. Any   stock trader at any bank will have the same guidelines to comply with. It is important that you manage to maintain those objectives throughout your investment. The objective must be realistic  and in accordance with the situation you are looking for. In addition, it is very important to diversify your portfolio. Don’t invest all your savings in 2 or 3 products. The more investments you have, the better. For example, you could invest part of it in loans at Invest Latam , part in equity  companies, and part in government bonds. Thus, you will have a  diversified portfolio  that minimizes losses while conserving profits.

Invest in companies without intermediaries

At  Invest Latam  you will have the opportunity to  access a market  that was previously only for banks:  lending to companies . We are changing the credit world by opening that opportunity thanks to our disruptive technology. We select, under a meticulous credit risk analysis process, the companies that present a more attractive profile for our investors. The process is online,  safe  and easy. From now on, you will have the possibility of lending to companies with credit rates that can start from  15% annual cash  as banks do. You don’t have to be a big investor, Invest Latam’s platform  It allows you to grant loans from COP $ 500,000. Not bad right?
With Fintech you will have new investment ideas.

Analysis of the companies

The sources of information most consulted before investing are family members, banks and the media. These are sources that do not always have extensive investment knowledge. At  Invest Latam , we have a detailed credit analysis process   developed specifically to analyze companies. The process combines the experience of banks with more modern aspects such as: a fully online process, an automated verification and an interface that connects the companies, the credit analyst and the investor. Thus, it is possible to have a  360 degree analysis  where all inputs are taken into account. Each actor can participate and contribute to the evaluation, maximizing the quality of the debtors’ profile.

Negotiate rates according to your risk profile

Not everyone has the same vision of risk. A person could invest in a high-risk business if they offer a return of 30% per year. Another person will prefer to invest in a low risk product with a 3% return. It is important to  know your risk profile  before investing. The ideal is to be able to generate a well diversified and stable investment portfolio, adjusted to the risk that the investor wishes to assume. For example, a portfolio could be managed  with 3 risk levels : 50% with a low level, 30% with a medium level and 20% with a high level. It is worth understanding what the risks of each investment are before proceeding. The Fintech sector, to which Invest Latam belongs , groups several risk levels which are measured by the analysis of the companies, the payment history, the type of companies accepted, the level of investor protection and the nature of the investment. At  Invest Latam  we are interested in  minimizing risk , therefore, several verifications are made to companies, we accept only the  top of the requests received , that is, those that present a lower risk for our investors. The companies that take the credit must  guarantee the payment  of their obligations with a co-debtor, who assumes the responsibility of paying in case the company cannot do so. Additionally,  Invest Latam  has alliances with companies specialized in recovering defaults and with lawyers to represent the investor in case of need to go to an arbitration court. With all this,  Invest Latam  seeks to support the investor to  maximize the repayment of the loan  of our investors in case the company defaults in its payments.
Invest Latam tries to get to know companies through new technology.

Find opportunities at key moments

Each company operates in an economic and social environment. Being able to  spot times to invest  makes the difference between the trend-following investor or the visionary investor. For example, a new government decided to approve a measure for pharmaceutical companies to import drugs with a tax reduction. Therefore, in the following months, such companies will register a better margin improving the performance of their activity. If that is the case, the visionary investor will invest in pharmaceutical companies as soon as the government measure passes. We reiterate that we only accept companies that are in a  stable and favorable environment . Each company that we publish on our platform follows a  rigorous credit analysis to  maximize 100% loan repayment . The condition of the company and its sector are key aspects for us. The more our investors are informed the better. Join our community at
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