Month: December 2021

How to be a better investor

Improve your returns with Fintech Investment formula Before investing, you have to observe 3 guidelines: a. Set a  goal b. Diversify  risk c. Control  expenses How much do you want to earn? What risk can you take and for how long? The investor must have an answer to those questions. Any   stock trader at any bank will have the same guidelines to comply with. It is important that …

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How to get better credit for your business

Fintech, the cheapest alternative to acquire a loan for your company A single request to multiple parties Thanks to the innovative technology of Fintech, for the first time you will have the opportunity to  request a loan  not only from a financial institution but also from  thousands of investors  interested in lending you. You will have new possibilities to find …

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Take advantage of market trends and opportunities

Currently there are infinities of projects in Colombia where you can invest, as long as you analyze each opportunity and take advantage of trends to significantly expand your profit margin. Every investor seeks to diversify to generate an additional return that makes him earn much more money and therefore, taking advantage of trends can be very …

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Bitcoin’s Battle Against Coronavirus

The situation of Bitcoin is a bit strange, because cryptocurrencies for some time have been considered a safe haven for many. When financial markets went one way, cryptocurrencies used to go another, and the traditional economic cycles of the stock markets did not usually have an influence on Bitcoin . Even many experts in cryptocurrencies assured that Bitcoin had become a safe …

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